Passionate, Independent, & Unafraid

Scorpion token is a fair launch, community driven, hyper-deflationary DeFi protocol.

Scorpion token holders benefit from passive rewards through static reflection, auto liquidity and auto burn. Proprietary anti-whale mechanisms built into the contract stop the supply from being controlled by syndicates.

How to Buy Scorpion Token

Contract Address


Download TrustWallet

Visit & download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market for purchasing tokens.

Never share your seed phrase with anyone.

Fund Your Wallet

Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet. These coins are used to purchase DeFi tokens like Scorpion token in the Binance Smart Chain.

Connect Pancake Swap

Copy and paste the PancakeSwap link into your mobile browser. You can find the link here:

Click connect in the top right then select Wallet Connect, next step click Trust Wallet and you will be redirected to the Trust Wallet app to connect to Pancake Swap.

(iPhones only)

Swap BNB for Scorpion Coin

Now you have connected your Trust Wallet app with PancakeSwap you are ready to swap BNB for Scorpion. We recommend using a slippage of 12%. If you have any questions about the process visit our Telegram group to ask the community for help.

Why Invest in Scorpion Token?

  • NFraud Security
  • NLiquidity Locked
  • NProtection From Bots
  • NMaximum Returns

Investors want profits, they also want security from potential fraud. Scorpion token is a fair launch project, with locked liquidity which is raised privately, meaning there has been no pre-sale, no private sale, which can cause large price movements in the early stages of a BSC launch as investors take profits.

Scorpion token has taken learnings from successful launches on the Binance Smart Chain and developed a contract that is setup for growth, protection from bots & most importantly whale manipulation.

No single wallet can hold more than 0.5% of the supply and individual transactions are capped. Scorpion token is built to deliver maximum returns for investors on the Binance Smart Chain.


Scorpion Tokenomics


Reward to Holders


Auto Liquidity




Initial Supply


Burn at Launch



Manual Burn Wallet


Recommended Slippage 12%

Scorpion Swap

A private & secure place to store and trade your Scorpion is now available!

Coming Soon!

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